woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Rising unemployment is threat to Euro

More and more economists are of the opinion that the increase in unemployment in many European countries is a threat to the Euro.

The Economist, October 1, 2012 about this:

The presumption is that Europe only can come out of this crisis by pruning and growing hand in hand, the IMF reportedly shares that opinion.

Pruning alone will not be sufficiƫnt for Europe to come out of the crisis, even more the higher the unemployment rates rise in the Euro and EU countries, the greater the chance that the Euro will kick the bucket lay.

What will it be? (Variation on operation successful and patient deceased.)

1 Euro rescued and jobs saved.
2 Euro saved and jobs deceased.
3 Euro deceased and jobs deceased.

My preference is clearly to variant 1, but time is running out.

With worried regards, Gerrit Hartholt.

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